What is the shipping lead time?

All of our standard Workstations are in stock, so depending on where you live, you should receive yours within seven to ten days of placing your order with your Authorized Galley Dealer or Designer. For custom Workstations, please allow five to six weeks from the time you place your order.

Do the Galley Basins rust?

Galley Basins are manufactured with passivated 316L marine-grade stainless steel, which makes this material both stain and corrosion-resistant. In the event that the passivated layer is damaged, it is unlikely but possible that rust can be transferred to the surface from another metal. If the Basin is installed outdoors in a salt-water environment and not …

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How can I prevent scratches in my basin from happening and, if they do, what can be done about it?

Stainless Steel products will always scratch from use, but no need to worry as scratches can be prevented or removed on The Galley. To prevent scratches, we always recommend purchasing a complete Galley Bottom Grate Set. They are made exclusively for Galley Workstations and will protect the bottom of your basin.  If scratches do occur, …

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Are there other accessories available besides those that come with The Galley?

Yes, and the list of options available to enhance your Galley experience is always growing! For example, the Dual-tier Condiment Serving Board can turn The Galley into a super efficient preparation station or a wonderful buffet for entertaining. Do you like chopping above the countertop? If so, the 2″ thick Chef’s Block or any of …

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Can I customize a Galley?

Absolutely. Whatever you can think of, we can probably do! Popular custom requests include apron-front Workstations, increased length (to fit perfectly into an existing cabinet), drop-in or top mount, 9” basin depth, and center drain. We can even do full Stainless Steel Worktops (counter tops)! Have another idea? Try us!

Is a Strainer Basket or Drain Assembly included?

The Galley Automatic Strainer Basket, Manual Strainer Basket or Garbage Disposal Flange with Basket do not come with the Workstation but can be easily added depending on your application. The Basket knob is produced with our Angel Finish to coordinate perfectly with the Workstation Basin. Every Galley does come with an Elevated Drain Cover standard. 

How do I install the Galley?

Typically, it is installed by your contractor or whomever is installing your cabinetry. The Galley Workstation is installed into the cabinetry with a support or cleat system, (see product Installation Guide), and then the countertop is mounted on top. The Workstation does not get clipped to the countertop like a typical kitchen sink but rather …

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What is the Galley basin made of?

Every Galley Basin is made from one piece of 316L Marine-grade Stainless Steel.  A beautiful, custom Angel Finish is applied to every Basin.  The Angel Finish was developed to soften the high reflectivity of standard Stainless Steel finishes and for easier maintenance. The finish resists water spots, hides light marks and scratches and is very …

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What is a DryDock®?

The Galley DryDock® is a 2” deep 12” or 18” extension that you can add to one or both sides of any Galley. It expands the functionality of your Galley Workstation without sacrificing cabinet space and allows you to “dock” your Culinary Tools away from the basin whenever you want. 

How many models and sizes of Galleys are offered?

The GalleyWorkstations product line includes Workstations, WashStations™, Work&WashStations, BarStations®, and HydroStations.  You can add one or two DryDocks® to all of these except the Hydrostation. There are over 700 possible combinations of models and configurations available. Custom options are also available upon request. Even though there are many options, choosing the right Galley(s) for your …

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What is The Galley?

The Galley Workstation has quickly become the most used appliance in the kitchen. All meal preparation, cooking, serving, entertaining, and washing can be done using this fully functional Culinary System. By utilizing three tiers, you are able to layer Culinary Tools that slide above and below each other; positioning them in front of you when …

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