4’X4’ Upper Deck® Set

Choose your desired Upper Deck Set finish

Natural Golden Bamboo

This natural wood material is timeless, versatile, and has a very warm looking golden finish. Crafted from the highest quality Bamboo, we are proud to offer this ¾” thick, eco-friendly finish as one of our most popular material finish options.

Designer White Resin

Our Designer White Resin is the perfect choice when white is the right design choice for your kitchen. This classic, ⅝” thick material is dishwasher safe, indoor and outdoor/UV rated, easy on your knives, and is very easy to maintain.

Exclusive Gray Resin

Our Exclusive Gray Resin is the perfect gray color for so many modern kitchens today. Like the Designer White resin, it is ⅝” thick and not only easy to maintain and dishwasher safe, but is indoor and outdoor/UV rated and gentle on knives.

Graphite Wood Composite

Our matte black Graphite Wood Composite material perfectly complements a contemporary, transitional, or traditional kitchen design and looks wonderful with a wide range of cabinet and countertop colors. This high-performance, dense material is only ½ inch thick, is gentle on your knives, and is easy to clean in the Workstation or in the dishwasher.

American Black Walnut

With its dark and rich hues, this stunning finish is crafted from the finest quality American Black Walnut. As one of our most sought-after material finish options, this ¾” thick eco-friendly wood material adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to any space.


  • Covers entire system for Ideal Corner Workstation 4X4C and Ideal Corner WashStation™ 4X4C
  • Third tier work surface
  • Sits in 18” deep and 5/16” above countertop cutout
  • Requires 1/4” clearance below countertop surface


  • (2) 24” Upper Deck® Sections
  • (1) 20” Upper Deck® Sections

UD-4X4-3P Technical Downloads

UD-4X4-3P Technical Downloads