What are the Galley Culinary Tools made of?

We offer three different Materials for our Culinary Tools: Graphite Wood Composite, Natural Golden Bamboo, and High Density Resin.

1/2″ Graphite Wood Composite – This is an eco-friendly and non-porous wood composite material. Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) as safe for food preparation it is also heat resistant up to 350°F and dishwasher safe. Graphite is an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor Workstations.

3/4″ Natural Golden Bamboo – More dense than maple, bamboo is emerging as the top choice for chefs. It is dense enough to resist knife scarring and if conditioned appropriately, resists water penetration and letting bacteria find a place to form. Bamboo is green, renewable and eco-friendly. We hand-select the Bamboo to ensure only the most beautiful material is used for Culinary Tools. 

5/8″ High Density Resin –  Exclusive Gray and Designer White are made of commercial-grade, high-density resin, which is engineered for durability, low maintenance, and safety. The textured surface safely holds food in place without slipping. The resin does not absorb bacteria, splinter, chip, swell, peel, rot, warp, bend, or crack. Our resin is BPA Free and NSF Certified, heat resistant up to 180ºF and dishwasher safe. Both finishes are manufactured with UV stabilizers making them an excellent material for outdoor Workstations.