What’s the best way to incorporate The Galley into my kitchen?

The Ideal Galley Kitchen Layout kitchen includes a 4ft-7ft Workstation in an island or peninsula outward facing with a cooktop on either or both sides. This creates the perfect preparation and cooking zones. We would recommend no more than 2-3 inches between the Workstation cutout and the adjoining cooktop. Locating a WashStation close by, ideally directly behind the Workstation, is incredibly useful. We recommend placing a dishwasher on either or both sides of the Washstation creating an ideal Wash Zone. The Wash Zone is typically on the wall, possibly under the window where the regular kitchen sink has traditionally gone. This is especially helpful to keep dirty pots, pans and dishes out of the primary Workstation when preparing and serving your meal. We refer to this setup as The Galley Lifestyle Kitchen Layout because we believe it offers a better way to prep, cook, serve, entertain, and clean within your kitchen, the heart of the home.