The Galley Story

Inspired by a desire to find real solutions to problems that had existed for years in the way kitchens worked (or didn’t work), The Galley was invented by an award-winning kitchen designer, Roger Shollmier, whose vision was to create a better way to work within the kitchen. Our story started there. He put the very first Galley Workstation® in his own home. 

Today, The Galley offers an expansive line of super-functional, smart, and stylish Ideal Workstations, WashStations™, Work&WashStations™, BarStations®, and Custom Workstations where one can prepare, cook, serve, entertain, and wash in one central location. Highly engineered and hand-crafted in the USA, with an unbridled commitment to the highest standards of quality and service, The Galley is now leading the kitchen industry in innovation, function, and just pure fun. 

The Galley also offers a beautiful line of kitchen faucets we call The Galley Tap®, and a stunning line of culinary kitchen furniture, known as The Galley Dresser®, both specifically designed to function perfectly with The Galley Workstation. 

Bringing friends and families together at mealtime by making life in the kitchen more enjoyable, more efficient and more fun is our mission. We call it The Galley Lifestyle. Galley owners tell us all the time that they can’t imagine ever having another kitchen without their Galley(s). We hope you will consider becoming part of the ever-growing Galley family.

The Brand Story

The Leadership Team

R. Scott Anderson


David Kotowsky


Commitment to Quality

Stylish design, handcrafted workmanship, unsurpassed functionality, and built to last a lifetime – this is The Galley.

The Galley continues to establish a tradition of manufacturing high quality products for kitchens of today. From our carefully engineered dual tier Galley Workstations to our best in class Galley Taps, to each of our cleverly designed accessories, The Galley is the leader in the production of quality kitchen workstations and faucets. The Galley line is comprised of more than 50 different products, including sink basins, faucets, cutting boards, bowls, colanders, drain racks, specialty serving boards, and other unique accessories. These products make up over 700 Workstation options to choose from for the kitchen. All Galley Workstations are developed, designed, engineered, tested, and manufactured at the main production site and headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma and exported worldwide. All Galley Taps were designed in the USA, engineered in Switzerland and are manufactured in northern Italy. The Galley Dresser was designed and is produced in Chicago, Illinois. 

Important factors which contribute to our success are our innovative and highly engineered designs, the hand-made workmanship of our products by highly skilled craftsmen, the simple functionality of the Workstations, Taps, and Dresser and our commitment to the highest standards of quality. The know-how of the highly skilled employees at our production sites is the basis for long term quality-centered production. All Galley products are produced in accordance with the strictest quality assurance measures and checks.

With our commitment to quality, innovation, smart design, and unprecedented functionality, it is our belief that The Galley Workstation, The Galley Tap, and The Galley Dresser should be considered by all who desire to have an active kitchen that is stylish, functional and fun.

R. Scott Anderson
The Galley, LLC

R. Scott Anderson
Owner, President and CEO

Scott grew up in Oklahoma City, OK and began his business career with The Hertz Corporation, where he served in various positions until joining Thrifty Car Rental in 1987. He served in many capacities with increasing responsibilities throughout his 24-year career with Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group. In 2008, he was appointed to the number-two position in the company, leading all operations, franchising, revenue management, sales and marketing, and many other key areas of the publicly-traded company, (DTG). He partnered with the CEO to lead a significant turnaround. The team produced dramatic improvements in the business and in the financial results of the company. From the time they took over in 2008, through 2011, they led the company from a stock price of less than $1 per share, to $87.50 per share at the time of the sale of the company to Hertz.

After leaving DTG, Scott founded and now leads an investment company, Anderson Capital Partners, LLC. In the process of evaluating and acquiring businesses, Scott was introduced to Roger Shollmier, inventor of the Galley. Scott was so impressed with the product and the way it could not only reinvent an entire sector but the way it could bring families and friends together, that in March of 2014, Anderson Capital Partners, LLC acquired The Galley, LLC. Scott currently functions as its Owner, President and CEO.

Scott is married to his wife of 39 years, Dena. They have a son, a daughter and six grandchildren.

Scott is an alumni of Oklahoma City University and Harvard University.

David Kotowsky

David grew up just north of Chicago and started in the plumbing supply business, establishing The Advantage Plumbing Group in 1992 with his father and brother. By 1999, he transformed the company into a leading decorative plumbing, hardware and kitchen business, Advantage Kitchen and Bath Gallery.

In 2007, based on a glaring need for pure, original and authentic designs and service, David created the high fashion state-of-the-art brand, Hydrology. Hydrology’s 6000 square-foot flagship showroom is located in the heart of Chicago’s design district.

David recently won the Forte Member of the Year Award and has served as Forte’s President. Forte is the largest buying group of independent decorative plumbing and hardware showrooms. He was the driving force behind the design of the highly successful Élan Vital faucet collection for Watermark launched in 2014. David is a highly recognized and respected professional in his industry.

David discovered The Galley for his own showrooms in 2012. He immediately recognized its potential. Scott Anderson brought David into The Galley as an industry expert and partner to help perfect and expand the product line, set distribution strategy, and assist in the sales and marketing of the entire Galley product line, including the rebranding efforts in 2018. He was also the Designer of The Galley Tap line for The Galley.

David is married to his wife of 20 years, Lidija. They have three beautiful children. He serves on the local school board.

David is an alumni of Illinois Weslyan University.