How often should the filter be replaced?

The Water Filtration System has a 7900 gallon capacity but the quality of water varies by location. Typically, the filter should be replaced every year but in some cities, every 6 months is best.  

What does the filter remove?

Using a proprietary fibercarbon block, The Water Filtration System is certified for reduction of lead, chlorine, cysts, particulate class 1 and other contaminants. This system removes microns from 0.5 in size. For an average reduction chart please refer to the Water Filtration System specification page.

What does PVD mean?

The PVD process, (Physical Vapor Deposition), vaporizes a solid metal to a plasma of atoms or molecules; the vapor is then deposited in a vacuum chamber as a high-performance coating. Used in the aerospace and biomedical fields, PVD is the hardest and most corrosion-resistant coating to strengthen and protect your Tap for a lifetime. It …

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How many different finishes do you offer?

The entire Tap collection is available in six standard stainless steel finishes: Matte, Polished, PVD Gun Metal Gray™, PVD Satin Black, PVD Brushed Gold, and PVD Polished Rose Gold.  

What is the Hot & Cold Tap?

The Galley Hot & Cold Tap is the newest addition to the Galley Tap line. Beautiful, symmetrical and engineered with a hot water handle that springs back to the off position when not in use, it comes with a super-high quality Digital Hot Water Tank for your convenience. It should be accompanied with a Galley …

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What is the BarTap®?

The Galley BarTap® was designed to be a slightly smaller companion to our Galley Tap. The BarTap offers the same high level of design, functionality, engineering, and finish. It is perfectly suited for our BarStations but can also be paired with our smaller Workstations and WashStations. This height also allows for placement under cabinets or …

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What products are in The Galley Tap line?

The Galley offers three best-in-class, ergonomically designed, and highly engineered Tap models. They include The Galley Tap, a beautiful, functional, and perfectly proportioned kitchen faucet with dimensions that are specifically designed for the Galley Workstation. The BarTap® which is a scaled down version of The Galley Tap designed specifically for our BarStations and smaller Washstations. …

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