CAD Libraries


  • Solid Brass
  • Slotted Screws
  • Machines and hand-finished
  • Made in the USA


  • 9/16” W × 1/4” D × 2” H

Prestige Finishes

Soft Black*
Standing alone as the only honed finish in the Galley Hardware line, this finish provides a modern, stunning matte look that complements any kitchen beautifully. Minimal maintenance is required. Simply clean with a soft damp cloth and a drop of dish soap.
Burnished Gilver*
Blending the warm hues of gold and silver together, this precious metal hybrid finish is both unusual and wonderfully elegant. Each hardware piece is given a clear protective coating creating a beautiful, and unique reduced sheen. This finish requires minimal maintenance.
Polished Antique Sterling Silver*
Slightly aged, yet modern describes the aesthetic of this exquisite finish which naturally antiques through the years. As 99.9% pure silver, you will find that this metal will beautifully patina. Regular maintenance is recommended using Haggerty Silver Polish and gloves and silver polish or spray 3-4 times per year. This is a process similar to maintaining your other sterling silver.

Premium Finishes

Satin Brass
Our exclusive hand-brushed process results in a beautiful, velvety sheen that makes this finish a classy favorite. Due to the burnishing process, exposure to the elements will naturally age this finish, causing the finish to develop natural antiquing to deeper tones if wax is not applied yearly.
Satin Antique Brass
Naturally aged antiques best describes the beautiful aesthetic of this finish. The series of complex steps taken in the finishing process provides a warm glow and depth visible in its variations of tones and details. Minimal maintenance is required. A soft damp cloth is recommended.
Smoked Nickel*
Rich with charcoal undertones which are brought to light by hand-burnishing to enhance the warm colors and detail of design describes this unusual, comfortable, one of a kind finish. Minimal maintenance is required. Simply clean with a soft damp cloth and a drop of dish soap.

Classic Finishes

Polished Nickel
With its brilliant shine and warm undertones, this finish offers a rich, pleasing, and versatile look. It is extraordinarily durable and will maintain its original tone and luster over the years. Minimal maintenance is required. Simply clean with a soft damp cloth and a drop of dish soap.
Satin Nickel
Offering a similar aesthetic as brushed stainless steel, this finish is truly a classic. Each piece is hand-waxed which results in a beautiful cool-toned hue that develops over time and brings a modern feel to this look. The finish is low maintenance and is resistant to showing daily wear and fingerprints.
Unlacquered Brass
This timeless finish achieves a very warm aesthetic that will antique and patina over years of use. If the natural finish is desired, use a soft damp cloth to clean it as this will allow the finish to age gracefully. To maintain the original finish, apply a brass polish at least once a month.