What is The Galley Dresser?

In order to take the Galley Workstation to an entirely different level of function and beauty, The Galley commissioned renowned kitchen interior and fine furniture designer, Doug Durbin, to create something absolutely extraordinary, both inside and out. The collection of Galley Dressers is the result of that effort. Thoughtfully designed and fully integrated, the Dresser has become the new standard for fine culinary kitchen furniture. They are stunningly beautiful, exquisitely appointed and remarkably functional… everything you could possibly want in a complete kitchen workstation.

The Galley Dresser is available in 4 sizes, 13 hand-selected High-gloss Painted Finishes, including one Exotic Wood Finish, 9 custom Hardware & Trim Finishes, including 2 Signature Finishes by Doug Durbin, and is completely hand-crafted from start to finish. Made in the USA.  Click here to watch the Galley Dresser Video.