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Each Galley IWS model includes the features listed below:

Stylish 16-gauge Stainless Steel

Fabricated in one piece with the

highest quality stainless steel and

TrueEdge Design.

Versatile Double-tier Design

Functionality on a whole new level!

Accessories slide above and below

each other on upper and lower tiers.

Angel Finish

Custom hand-crafted finish for superior

wear and easy maintenance.

Side Drain Location* is Reversible

Install with the drain on either end - right or left -

for the best compatability with your kitchen layout.

Hand-crafted in the USA

Each Galley is skillfully manufactured and carefully inspected in America.

*The IWS 2 and small basin in Double Bowl models feature a center drain location.

The Culinary Kit included with each Workstation

includes one or more of each of these items:

Deluxe Bowls

Stainless Bowls with a non-

slip silicone base and a lid that

seals. Take it from your Galley

to the refrigerator or from the

refrigerator to your Galley!

Cutting Boards

Choose from the highest quality


Bamboo, Graphite Wood Composite, or

restaurant-grade High-density White or

Gray Resin


Deluxe Colanders

Stainless Colanders with

handles for ease of handling

hot food when warm.

Choose Your Culinary Kit

Material and Color

Natural Bamboo, Graphite Wood Composite,

or High-density White or Gray Resin


Ideal Flow™ Drain Cover

A round Drain Cover that conceals

the drain while still allowing water

to flow freely into the drain.

Drying Rack

In addition to offering a place for rinsed

dishes to dry, the aluminum rods in the

Drying Rack can be used as a trivet to land

items right from the oven or to hold fresh

fruit and veggies after they are rinsed.


Custom-designed Platforms to hold

our Deluxe Bowls and Colanders. Set

your condiments or serving utensils

on the additional space next to the

cutout, perfect for buffet!