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Innovation is defined simply as a “new idea, device, or method.”

The Galley is all three.

Inspired by a desire to find solutions to problems that had existed

for years in the way kitchens worked, (or didn’t work), The Galley

was invented by an award-winning kitchen designer whose vision

was to create a central workstation hub where every task in his

kitchen could be accomplished. He put the very first Galley in

his own home. Today, the Galley has grown to be an entire line

of super-functional, smart and stylish workstations where one can

prep, cook, serve, entertain, and clean-up, all in one convenient


Highly-engineered and hand-crafted in the USA, The Galley is now

leading the kitchen industry in innovation, quality and just pure

fun. I hope you will explore the pages of this brochure and our

website at

to see this amazing product for yourself.

Galley owners tell us all the time that they can’t imagine ever

having another kitchen without The Galley.

We hope you will consider becoming a member of the ever-

growing Galley family.

R. Scott Anderson