Michelle G.

Chicago, IL

“There are certain purchases that turn out to be so useful that I would never consider anything else again. That’s my Galley. So much of what I do in the kitchen, I now do over the Galley – hence cleanup is minimized. With an array of sliding cutting boards, platforms with colanders and bowls, drain rack, and on and on, all sliding along 2 tiers. I’m prepping, washing, cutting, and stacking in a single location, simultaneously. It is incredible how clean my kitchen remains where it used to be spread out along every counter throughout. I’m finally organized! Best sink ever.”


Robert Merrifield

Owner of the nationally renowned Polo Grill Restaurant

“As a chef and restaurant owner, I am continually made aware of new equipment, products and trends that claim to make working in the kitchen easier and better. But the BEST idea by far is The Galley. My wife and I have owned one for about three years now, and I can honestly say I can’t imagine working in a kitchen without a Galley! Especially with induction cooking right next to it, I actually can’t wait to get home to cook something! Way to go, Roger!”


Rain Noe

NYC-Based Freelance Writer, Designer, Photographer, and Magazine Editor

“As someone sorely lacking in kitchen space, I’m intensely covetous of The Galley workstation, a cleverly-designed system that greatly maximizes the functionality of a limited footprint.”   See the full article here.


Darryl Baskin

Oklahoma Real Estate Specialist

“I purchased a Galley for our new kitchen and it was the best choice of our entire remodel. It is not only practical and an unbelievable improvement to how a kitchen functions, it looks cool, too, and impresses my friends. I don’t advise spending a dime on a kitchen remodel unless it includes a Galley.”


Chef Michael Fusco

“The Galley workstation has completely changed the way I work in my kitchen. I’m no longer cooking like a caveman in my 21st century ‘Galley Kitchen!’ It has taken the task of ‘cleaning up the entire kitchen’ out of the picture. All prep work is now done at the Galley, and when I cook with my 4-burner induction cooktop next to the Galley, everything happens in one place! The interactive sliding cutting boards and colander/bowls make it too easy…as soon as you’re done using the accessories, rinse, then set to dry on the Galley Drain Rack. It doesn’t get any better than the Galley! A kitchen is not an exercise track, it is about having everything needed in its place, why walk around when you can prep, cook and clean in the Galley work area, I call that effective.”


Shannon S.

Chef & Teacher of International Cuisine

“I knew I was going to love this sink when we planned our kitchen remodel. But it has exceeded all my expectations! Every time I cook, I find a new way to use the sink and to make preparation much more efficient.

I’ve always used a lot of work space when I cook, and the Galley workstation allows me to spread out my work areas while being much more organized. Having the cutting boards over the sink and the bowls right underneath makes for a lot less clean up and a lot less walking around the kitchen. We can work side by side without being crowded. There’s a lot more organization, and it makes it a lot more fun for everyone. Cleaning up used to take 15 or 20 minutes, but now it’s a breeze, since everything is happening right at the Galley.”

“I recommend The Galley to anyone who truly loves to cook and entertain. My Galley is the best investment in my entire house! The Galley has changed my life. I’ve cooked more, and fed more people in the past two years than ever before. And only because your sink has made it so enjoyable, easy, and fashionable!”


Jackie F.

Wife of Tulsa Chef

“We love our new kitchen!!!! The best part of it is our Galley workstation! I can’t wait to wake up in the morning to make coffee and start planning our meals for the day. I am totally convinced that Roger is a genius. And I am extremely lucky to have his sink in my home. I can’t believe not everyone has one of their own. Roger has revolutionized how most people cook and use their kitchens. I am in awe of how functional my kitchen space is. I went from working in all different zones of the old kitchen, to working only at my Galley. I think ‘duh’ why hasn’t this been built in all homes! I am totally amazed by your product so much that it blows my mind.”


Kevin H.

“When Roger Shollmier first introduced the idea of installing a Galley in my tiny 55 sq. ft. kitchen I thought he was crazy. I was wrong. The Galley is the ultimate combination of functionality and design that transformed the way I use my kitchen space.

I can literally cook an entire meal from start to finish using the Galley without any hassles of having to move around the kitchen. I also like to pack the Galley with ice to store drinks during games or parties. It is so multifunctional and, looks great in any style of kitchen!”


Susan A.

“I have to say right now that my favorite part is the combination of the cutting board with the colander slid underneath it. I leave it there all of the time! Second would be the ability to set it up as a buffet when we have guests. It’s just so much easier to prep everything at the Galley.

Since I have a second sink, I can keep the Galley for prep. I have a garden and have been doing a lot of canning. Yesterday was salsa day. It was fabulous!

The Galley is super-efficient. All of the mess was contained and I didn’t destroy the entire kitchen, which is usually really easy for me to do with a project like that. There isn’t a single thing I don’t like! And the cool factor is way up the scale!”


Scott W.

“Our favorite part is that when we’re working at The Galley workstation, which is where we do all our work now, the rest of the kitchen stays clean.

It’s simple to clean up! Everything you need is right there. Looking back, I don’t see how we did it without a Galley.

Also, I found a new use for it: it’s the perfect width to clean my new window screens!”


Dave W.

“If anyone says their kitchen is too small for a Galley, tell them to call me. This sink has actually made our kitchen bigger. We cooked carne asada and pollo tacos along with Debbie’s green chile (fresh everything) and served 18 people from this island and the sink with room to spare.

Cleanup was incredibly easy and quick. People were amazed at the functionality of this sink. One of our friends asked why I spent all that money for a five foot sink. I told them because I couldn’t get a 7′ sink to fit.

It’s like the sink just says “stay awhile and clean, it will be fun” – and it is!”


Hung & Thuan N.

When this homeowner’s wife first saw a Galley in our showroom, she whispered to one of our staff, “I don’t want that in my kitchen. I don’t like it, it looks like a trough!” We proceeded to help them with the plans for their kitchen remodel, but never brought up The Galley. During visits to our showroom, she couldn’t help but watch The Galley videos we play continuously. Being a great cook, she saw the function of The Galley in those videos and was won over. Then she couldn’t wait to have a Galley in her kitchen! She also insisted that she had to have a big gas range with a pot filler. We obliged, but also installed a single-burner induction cooktop next to The Galley. Needless to say, that’s where she does most of her cooking now!