Ideal Corner WashStation™ 4X3C

Natural Bamboo



Graphite Wood Composite



Gray Resin



White Resin



Choose your desired Wash Kit finish above

3 Tool Wash Kit included with IWA-4X3C

Available in all four material finishes*

(1) *Upper Tier Drying Rack 12 1/4″ x 18″

Upper Tier Drying Rack

(1) *Lower Tier Mini Drying Rack 6″ x 17″

Upper Tier Cutting Board

(1) *Lower Tier Utensil Caddy 6″ x 17″

Lower Tier Utensil Caddy

316L Stainless Steel

Fabricated one piece 316L marine-grade
stainless steel with TrueEdge™ Design

Versatile Dual Tier Design

Wash Tools easily slide above and below
each other on upper and lower tiers

Angel Finish

Custom hand-crafted finish for superior
wear and easy maintenance

Center Drain

Single Corner Drain

Made in the USA

Each Galley is skillfully hand-crafted and
manufactured in the USA

Elevated Drain Cover

The Elevated Drain Cover conceals the
drain while still allowing water to flow freely


Optional Wash Tools

Our versatile Wash Tools are only limited by your imagination.

Wash Set

Wash Set

Available in Natural Golden Bamboo, Graphite Wood Composite, Exclusive Gray Resin, or Designer White Resin

Dual Tier or Upper Tier

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Corner Bottom Grates

Corner Bottom Grates
Note: S = Side Drain Hole; N = No Drain Hole.

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Upper Deck™

UD-24-I-GT (24
UD-20-I-GT (20
UD-18-I-GT (18
UD-12-I-GT (12
UD-9-I-GT (9
The Upper Deck is a modular cover system and third tier workspace available in all four finishes. The sections slide apart for easy removal and each one can be used individually on the counter top tier. Use as a complete set to cover the Workstation or individually as 24”, 20”, 18”, 12”, or 9” work surfaces.

Available in Natural Golden Bamboo, Graphite Wood Composite (shown), Exclusive Gray or Designer White Resin.

*UD-20-I-GT Available with Corner Galleys only

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Technical Information Downloads

IWA 4X3C Specification Sheet
IWA 4X3C Countertop Cutout
IWA 4X3C Countertop Cutout (DWG)
IWA 4X3C CAD Plan View (DWG and DXF)
IWA 4X3C CAD 3D Model (DWG and DXF)
IWA 4X3C 3D SketchUp 3D Model (SKP)

IWS Installation Instructions
Workstation Installation Video

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