The Galley Dresser

“The Dresser combines thoughtful, world class design and beautiful finishes with the unparalleled
functionality of The Galley Workstation. Simply stunning.”

– Scott Anderson                        
CEO | The Galley                        

7' Galley Dresser in Fumed Eucalyptus with Smoked Nickel hardware

5' Galley Dresser in Platinum with Antique Silver hardware

The Ultimate Kitchen Workstation

The Galley Dresser is an award-winning line of thoughtfully designed, fully integrated kitchen workstations. In order to take the Galley Workstation experience to an entirely different level of function and beauty, we asked nationally known kitchen interior and fine furniture designer, Doug Durbin, to break the mold and design something absolutely extraordinary, both inside and out. The collection of Galley Dressers is the result of that effort and has exceeded every expectation we had. They are stunningly beautiful and remarkably functional…everything you could possibly want in a Galley kitchen workstation.

The Galley Dresser is available in 4 sizes, 13 hand-selected high-gloss finishes, including Fumed Eucalyptus, 9 custom hardware finish options, including four signature finishes by Doug Durbin, and is completely hand-crafted from start to finish.

The Galley Dresser Awards

Doug Durbin, Designer | The Galley Dresser

5′ Galley Dresser in Onyx

     The Dresser

         • Available in four sizes: 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft
         • Available in thirteen high-gloss exterior finishes, including
           one premium wood finish and twelve painted finishes
         • Nine custom hardware finishes
         • Completely hand-crafted from start to finish
         • Ebonized Walnut interior storage system for Galley
           Culinary tools, utensils, knives, spices, and oils
         • Custom-built for each client by a dedicated team of
           professional craftsmen
         • Includes The Galley Workstation with a complete
           assortment of Culinary tools:
             – Available in four high quality material options:
                 – Graphite Wood Composite
                 – Natural Golden Bamboo
                 – Exclusive Gray or Designer White Resin
         • Made in the USA

Exterior Finishes

The Galley Dresser Fumed Eucalyptus high gloss finishSlide thumbnail

Fumed Eucalyptus*

Slide thumbnail
The Galley Dresser Agate high gloss finishSlide thumbnail


The Galley Dresser Citrine high gloss finishSlide thumbnail


The Galley Dresser Diamond high gloss finishSlide thumbnail


The Galley Dresser Emerald high gloss finishSlide thumbnail


The Galley Dresser Lapis high gloss finishSlide thumbnail


The Galley Dresser Moonstone high gloss finishSlide thumbnail


The Galley Dresser Onyx high gloss finishSlide thumbnail


The Galley Dresser Pearl high gloss finishSlide thumbnail


The Galley Dresser Platinum high gloss finishSlide thumbnail


The Galley Dresser Silver high gloss finishSlide thumbnail


The Galley Dresser Smokey Quartz high gloss finishSlide thumbnail

Smokey Quartz

The Galley Dresser Titanium high gloss finishSlide thumbnail


* Doug Durbin Signature Finish

Galley Dresser Polished Nickel hardware

     The Hardware

         • Designed specifically for the Galley Dresser
         • Available in three Classic, three Premium and three
           Prestige finish options
         • Made of solid brass and plated by the finest hardware
           craftsmen in the country
         • Each component is machined to perfection and then
           hand burnished
         • Galley Dresser hardware is signed and badged with
           its’ own unique serial number
         • Available for purchase for kitchen cabinetry for
           clients who wish to coordinate all of their kitchen
           hardware with The Galley Dresser

Hardware Finishes

The Galley Dresser Polished Nickel hardware finishSlide thumbnail

Polished Nickel

Slide thumbnail

Satin Nickel

The Galley Dresser Unlacquered Brass hardware finishSlide thumbnail

Unlacquered Brass

Slide thumbnail
The Galley Dresser Medium Antique Brass hardware finishSlide thumbnail

Medium Antique Brass

The Galley Dresser Polished Copper hardware finishSlide thumbnail

Polished Copper

The Galley Dresser Smoked Nickel hardware finishSlide thumbnail

Smoked Nickel*

Slide thumbnail
The Galley Dresser Polished Black Nickel hardware finishSlide thumbnail

Polished Black Nickel*

The Galley Dresser Satin Antique Silver hardware finishSlide thumbnail

Satin Antique Sterling Silver*

The Galley Dresser Polished Antique Silver hardware finishSlide thumbnail

Polished Antique Sterling Silver*

* Doug Durbin Signature Finish

The Galley Dresser Brochure

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The Galley Dresser is available for purchase.
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